About Us

Once upon a time...

two designers got together to create something unique. Friends, coworkers, makers, and childhood skateboarders, these guys were tired of corporate America telling them who to be, how to dress, how to design and how to be successful. After countless lunch breaks and after-hour longboard sessions, Platypus Board Co. hatched.

There’s an old aboriginal story about the Platypus that tells a tale of a critter that didn’t seem to fit in with all the others. All the land and water animals tried to convince him to join their respective groups. Feeling that he didn’t need to follow just one group to be accepted or special, the Platypus decided it was better to keep being himself.

Today we are a lifestyle brand centered on our love for board sports and great design. We hope to build a community of like-minded enthusiasts all about celebrating balance, freedom, respect and fun.

So like the Platypus, PBCO invites you to keep being unique, own it and have fun. You be you.


Founders of PBCO.